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Candid in his courage and craft, Paul LaTorre’s Disappearing Boy pulls apart the burning spaces of language and body where identity and desire struggle in wars. LaTorre writes, “Boys become men / who vanish altogether” to reveal, in poetry that soars and survives by uncanny reckoning, the unseen and unsayable acts through which masculinity is too often performed. These poems, both primal and contemporary in voice, pull back all artifice. These poems ask us not to look away from our own vanishing. –Rachel Eliza Griffiths, author of Mule and Pear

I love this chapbook. It hits hard, fast deep. A poem like “Dark Arts” turns #MeToo on its head. This body of work reconfigures the way we see the male body in art, in life.  –Timothy Liu, author of Bending the Mind Around the Dream’s Blown Fuse

Paul LaTorre is a poet, activist and educator who teaches at Bloomfield College in New Jersey. Blending pop culture with advocacy for various forms of trauma including abuse, disorder, and mental health issues, his aim is to create dark poems with a sense of levity. Paul’s work has been published in Zeitgeist, Drunk Monkeys, Narrative Northeast, BLINK and has been featured on the DREAM Act’s ‘voices’ portal.



Publication Date: March 2020


Pages: 42

Trade paperback: 7 x 10

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